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Web Design: The Importance of the Homepage

Web Design: The Importance of the Homepage

The homepage of your website is by far one of the most important. As the old adage goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. The “front door” of your website needs to captivate a user’s attention and engage their interests so that they want to continue navigating through your site, and ultimately contact you for your products or services. The design of your homepage will instantly give the user an impression about your company or its services. If the impression you give is not appealing or engaging enough, chances are the user will hit their back button and move on to the next website, which will likely belong to your competitor.

The 7-Second Rule

When considering the design of your homepage, it’s important to remember the “7-Second Rule.” The 7-Second rule essentially states that you have 7 seconds to not only capture your visitor’s attention but also fulfill the following:

  • Inform your visitors who you are.
  • Inform your visitors what you do.
  • Confirm they’ve reached the right site for their needs.
  • Engage their interest enough to encourage exploring your site further.
  • Give visitors a way to easily contact or engage with you.

You might be thinking, “All of this within 7 Seconds?”
The simple answer is, YES.

Make Your Homepage Web Design Count

If you only have 7 seconds, you need to make sure those 7 seconds count. After all, you’ve probably invested a lot of resources just to get someone to your website in the first place. Once at your site, your visitors are likely to glance over the homepage, scan your content, and click on one of the first links that catches their attention. Understanding this behavior will help you make your web design decisions accordingly.

Here are some general things to consider when designing your home page with the 7-Second rule in mind. Your website’s homepage should:

  • Establish Your Identity
  • Have a Simple yet Effective Design
  • Use Appropriate Fonts
  • Use a Complimentary Web Palette
  • Keep the Important Stuff “Above the Fold”
  • Use a Call to Action

Understanding the importance of your home page web design is integral to the success of your company or business. Your home page should quickly captivate your users, gain their trust, and give them an easy way to communicate with you.

San Diego Web Design

Jacob Tyler is a San Diego web design company with an understanding of the importance of effective web design and web development. We utilize effective web design techniques, with a mobile-first approach and provide effective interactive experiences with all of our web designs, ensuring a quality brand experience across all platforms. Connect with us to get your web design project started.

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