Jacob Tyler Is Your Brand Fit for Summer?

Is Your Brand Fit for Summer?

Does your brand feel out of shape and out of touch with the market? Do you feel like it’s just not performing with the same amount of stamina as it used to? If so, it might be time to enroll in … Continued

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Jacob Tyler UX - The Universal Language

UX – The Universal Language

When poised with the question, “What is the Universal Language?” the hopeless romantic in me would say Love. Period. Drop mike. Regardless of background, native tongue or location in the world, love is the one language that every person on … Continued

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Jacob Tyler Brand Review: Rio 2016

Brand Review: Rio 2016

Although the Olympic games have concluded, there are still valuable pieces of inspiration that will live on. When most people think of the term “brand”, images of sleek smart phones and white and green coffee cups come to mind. The … Continued

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