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Turning Strategic Energy into Powerful Design Execution

We’ve recently partnered with a leading provider in the residential solar industry to create a compelling and highly engaging digital experience to inspire homeowners to go solar.

As with all projects, we focus heavily on our discovery process to learn as much as we can about our clients – who we view more-so as partners. In order to create a successful solution to the challenge we’ve been presented, it’s imperative that our team fully understands their business as well as the industry and market they serve. While we’re all familiar with the many benefits of going solar, the process of flipping the switch from traditional power to solar energy can seem complicated, when in reality it’s rather simple. We’ve been in education mode recently and have learned a great deal about the solar industry – and believe it or not, the process is not all that different than how we operate as an agency. In our case, instead of the sun delivering the energy, we build strong relationships with our clients allowing us to collect energy directly from them.

Just as solar panels collect energy from the sun and convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, we at JT collect energy from our clients, harness it and convert their DC into creative strategy (CS). The energy of CS flows from our creative leadership through our talented team of designers where it is distributed through powerful design execution creating both an efficient process and a successful end result.

Design in San Diego | Jacob Tyler

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