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Marketing vs Branding: Understanding the Differences

Confusing marketing and branding is a common misconception, especially because they typically go hand in hand. Branding agencies often offer both of these services, only adding to the confusion.  Since marketing and branding typically overlap one another, it’s important to explore each strategy to gain a better understanding of the differences and effectiveness of each.


Branding seeks to take hold of an abstract idea and form a connection with it to your product or services. This includes the visual elements that you want to represent your company including its colors, logo and overall theory as to how the logo is used, whether on letterhead, websites, business cards, etc.  Your brand should define how people feel about your business or your products. Branding also builds loyalty, drives your reputation and is considered a long-term business strategy. When building your company’s brand, it is important to understand that you are also building the foundation for your marketing efforts as well. Creating a distinctive and consistent company identity will enhance your competitive advantage and gain the trust and loyalty of potential clients and customers.


Marketing is the measurable method used to promote your brand, products or services. It is a series of tactics used to form a one-on-one communication with your company and its potential customers. Marketing consists of both the actions and means you use to get your message across. It is also about identifying, anticipating and meeting your customer requirements and examines the best routes to ensure profitability.  Marketing strategies can include advertising, creating, selling, and delivering products or services in person or over the internet.

Although marketing and branding have their differences, they both come together to form an overall plan and development strategy for a company. Marketing should incorporate the company’s branding in order to facilitate customer loyalty. Branding allows you to showcase and represent your company, using marketing as a way to bring awareness to your brand.

Marketing and Branding Agencies

Both marketing and branding are necessary strategic investments for any business. There are many branding agencies and marketing companies that are skilled at both creating an effective company identity as well as an overall marketing strategy. Branding however, should be one of the top priorities of your business plan so it’s important to start there first. Jacob Tyler is a San Diego branding agency that has the experience you need to help build and establish your company’s branding and identity.  Contact us today to get your project started.

Marketing by Jacob Tyler in San Diego

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