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Welcome to the Hensel Phelps Award-Winning Website

Jacob Tyler is THRILLED that our partner Hensel Phelps released a recent press statement that they placed first in two regional SMPS (Society for Marketing Professional Services) competitions for Best Website. Now they move on to nationals in August and we have our fingers crossed. This was an amazing project with a GREAT team of people. These two awards now put Jacob Tyler over 120 industry awards and we can’t be happier!

Here’s what Hensel Phelps had to say…

Welcome to the Hensel Phelps Award-Winning Website
Tuesday April 3, 2018

Hensel Phelps’ partners, employees, and supporters, along with all digital-design enthusiasts, are invited to visit our newly redesigned website. As a technology-driven company, it is important that our online presence reflects the same technological advancements that we continue to make in the field. The new website embraces our 80-year past and looks toward our bright future — Building a Legacy, One Landmark at a Time.

The new site balances the need for a modern user experience and interface, translates to mobile platforms, and highlights our people and projects. It’s these innovative implementations, as well as contemporary design, that have recently won Hensel Phelps two SMPS marketing awards for Best Website.

Collaborating with the Jacob Tyler agency in San Diego, California, we examined analytics and data to discover user patterns, website traffic and relevant content. The result is a much more user-friendly site, with cleaner and simpler navigation and expanded search and filtering capabilities at many levels. Popular topics once buried on the old website have since been brought to the surface — and all content is now reachable within two clicks. In addition, the new site allows each of our districts to be in control of their own projects, news and events, thus keeping content fresh and relevant.

New Content
The site includes a number of new pages and sections:
– Project case studies
– Market sectors
– Leadership
– Safety
– Individualized careers
– Sustainability
– Technology
– Community
– Trade partners
– History timeline with photos
– Contact us section, allowing easy navigation to individual district home pages and contacts

New Features
The website fosters improved design and functionality:
– Visual rather than text-heavy format, with emphasis on our brand colors
– Filtering capabilities to assist in searching for content
– Ease of use, especially for potential employees
– Dynamic, scrolling stats
– More prominent social media information
– WordPress, an efficient and user-friendly CMS platform that allows our districts to easily upload fresh content

New Focus
Finally, an emphasis on our people will be much more prevalent than on the old site. While many of the site’s photos showcase our landmark projects, most show our people in action across job sites and offices. These photos convey our culture, what it means to work at Hensel Phelps, and how important our people are to the success of our business.

To view the new Hensel Phelps website and its new and improved experience, please visit www.henselphelps.com

San Diego Marketing by Jacob Tyler

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