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For Best Results on Social Media, Use This Messaging Framework Immediately.

For Best Results on Social Media, Use This Messaging Framework Immediately.

Today, we’re dropping some social media knowledge that you can put into play immediately. We all know that smart messaging plays a critical role in reaching audiences effectively and this tried-and-true method has served us well for years. We recommend rolling out all three in a non-repeating cadence each week. Give it a try.

Knowledge Messaging
The crux of social media marketing is offering value, right? Why else would anyone follow your brand? They wouldn’t. The cool part about sharing knowledge is that it can work for every brand because making people smarter is always in style. Here’s a couple examples to illustrate what we mean and to get your creative juices flowing.

1. This blog that you’re reading right now, shared to social media. It’s something that you and other marketers need and it’s knowledge that we have. So we share it in a way that they can be used immediately.
2. Any famous guitar brand. Yes, of course share great photos of your guitars. But also, make your community experts on everything from materials sourcing through final production. No detail is too small to share. You’re not sharing features, your sharing the brand in all its nitty-gritty glory. “See that fretboard? Brazilian rosewood. One of the most durable woods on the planet and perfect for a rocker who puts a ton of miles on his guitar. It’s the best.”

Emotive Messaging
This one’s so easy it’s actually kind of hard. When you’ve done the work to truly understand your target consumer you find out what makes them tick. And you find out that little insight that makes your product work in the context of their lives. From here you can create messages that tap into that to make them think, react, or buy. Why did we say it’s hard? Because the emotional execution of that message has to be spot on without pandering, without being cheesy, or feeling overtly “marketing-y”. Don’t let that stop you, though. You have to break a couple eggs to make an omelet. (Or if you want our help, let us know. It’s what we’ve done for 18 year and it’s what we live for.)

Trust Messaging
How do you build trust on social media? With reviews, testimonials, positive comments, and good ratings. Once you have those you can start showing them off in fun pieces of creative and pushing them out on your social channels. Pop a great customer quote into an image or a short video, talk about why you have a 4.9 star review on Facebook, or repost a review that a great blogger did about your product. Brands live and die on word of mouth. When you give your consumers a trust signal through the experience of others you help fortify that word of mouth in amazing ways.

Do this all make sense? Good. Get to work. And don’t forget to tag us to show us how things are going.

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