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Content is King: Inbound Marketing and the New Consumer

The world of marketing and advertising has changed. You’re more likely to fast-forward through TV commercials on your DVR rather than watch them. You’ve probably clicked that little “x” on the digital ad that popped up on your screen while you were trying to read a recipe for gluten-free kale burgers. You’ve switched the dial on your car radio during commercial breaks – only to learn that seemingly every station has commercial breaks at the same time – and couldn’t escape listening unless you wanted to jump out of your car onto the freeway. And if you have a phone, which I assume you do, you may have gotten a call from someone named “Kevin” calling from Mumbai offering low prices on prescription drugs. I know I have.

What these marketing tactics have in common is that they are coming directly to you – and not at your request. These tactics aren’t new, of course, but they are becoming increasingly outdated. In the digital age, consumers are taking a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” stance on marketing. Today’s consumer doesn’t need to be inundated with direct marketing, because there are a plethora of options for almost any product or service, just a few clicks away.  Consumers are still consuming, and as the economy continues to shake awake from a long slumber, marketers are employing new tactics to reach their intended audiences. One of the more popular tactics is “inbound marketing.”

In short, inbound marketing draws consumers to your company, service or product, instead of the other way around. Inbound marketing can attract consumers who know what they are looking for and convert them into customers by creating relevant, engaging and useful content on blogs, info products or social media. Content that makes your company, product or services stand out from the clutter. Content that doesn’t include a “hard sell,” but positions your brand as a friendly, helpful and educational go-to for a particular market.

The following article from Entrepreneur – The 8 Fundamentals for a Successful Inbound-Marketing Strategy – is a good primer on inbound marketing. If you’d like to learn more about how inbound marketing can enhance your brand strategy, fill out the form to the right and let’s talk!

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