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5 Simple Rules to Create Impactful TV Ads

Every brand wants new customers and will do what it takes to engage them. Though there are now a bevy of mediums through which to advertise, TV remains the most prestigious – and most expensive option. As we saw during the recent Super Bowl, brands are willing to shell out some serious cash for TV ads. Despite rising prices, the big brands continue to utilize TV. But what about growing brands that want to reach a target audience through TV? Often, these brands have smaller budgets, and need to make all 30 seconds really count. The biggest mistake many new brands make is the desire to create a spot that simply tells the story of the brand. While a brand story is important, it’s not enough to win hearts and minds in 30 seconds. Follow these five simple guidelines, and you’re on your way to an engaging and effective TV that gets results for your brand.

  1. Reveal the “why” – Tell your client’s story but make sure you make clear why they love what they do. The end product or service is just that… a product or service! You need to create a connection with the personality of the brand, not just its offerings.
  2. Have a hook!  – How does the ad influence you and others?  Did you touch the consumer with an emotional response?  Most successful ad campaigns engage the consumer on an emotional level. Make your creative speaks to our common humanity. Think about when you see a great movie – no one moves or speaks when the credits role.  Did you touch the consumer like this?  If not, you just created another ho-hum ad.
  3. Create relatable characters – Why do we all love “Flo” from the Progressive commercials?  We can relate to her and the simplicity of her character.  People buy from brands they can identify with.  They need to believe your client’s product or service is the best on the market, but they first need to believe in what  – or who – represents your brand.
  4. Create stories that highlight the brand or product – How many times have you watched a commercial and thought, “What was that commercial about?”  Make sure to highlight the benefits of your product. Benefits don’t need to be the focus of the ad, but they must be perceived.
  5. Get creative!  –  Create something memorable, beautiful and enduring. The best part of creating TV spots for brands is the amazing time you have in the creative process from storyboards to post production.  Have fun, get your creative juices flowing, and enjoy the process!

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5 Simple Rules to Create Impactful TV Ads

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