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Things We’ve Learned To Live Without.

Things We’ve Learned To Live Without.

We’ve just finished up week seven in quarantine and the abnormal is starting to become normal, for better or worse. It’s amazing what you can live without when you’re forced to live without it. Of course, some things are tougher than others. The widespread destruction of livelihoods is hard to reckon with, but we’re taking a positive outlook that the economy will snap back into place soon. We’ve seen it with many of our clients who continue to push forward during this time. The little things, though—the minor inconveniences—are becoming normal. Here are the things we’ve learned to live without at Jacob Tyler.


Long hair is officially en vogue. Because, you know, there’s nowhere to get a haircut. While some brave souls have turned to their spouses or roommates for an amateur trim, most of us are just letting it flow—especially our cover model, Christina Malave.  Growing your hair out can be freeing, and now is a great time to give it a try. Because you pretty much have to.

In-Person Meetings 

Memba those? While the Jacob Tyler team was already well-versed in videoconferencing (we have been conducting most of our client meetings that way for a few years), we’ve further proved the concept during quarantine. The benefits of video conferencing are many, and it’s great to see our clients and others get accustomed to this form of communication. We expect to see a monumental increase in the use of videoconferencing going forward—and we think that’s a good thing. Of course, we do miss seeing people in person. We’re hoping we can get together soon.

Dining Out

We miss going out to restaurants. There’s no two ways about it. But we’ve also learned the value of take out, grocery shopping, and eating at home. Whether we’re cooking our own food or ordering from a local restaurant, eating at home has a certain comfort to it that we’re enjoying… and best of all with our family! Most of us, anyway.


Gas is dirt cheap right now. Well, dirt cheap for California. Normally, we’d be excited about this, but we don’t really drive anywhere so it’s not helping. Here’s to hoping the prices stay down when the driving starts up.

The Beach

This one has been tough. We’re a San Diego agency with a San Diego attitude, and the beach is part of who we are. Being locked out of our favorite place has not been pleasant, but thankfully that part of the lockdown has mostly ended. We’re now able to surf, run and walk on the beach in America’s Finest City.

Good Commercials

We’ve all seen the big brand commercials during this time. They’re heartfelt, emotional and…boring. After five largely identical commercials from different brands in a row, it gets to be a bit much. That being said, we realize that agencies and brands have very little resources for new commercials, so they are relying on existing b-roll and voice overs to make themselves heard during the pandemic. We’re looking forward to the return of creative and funny commercials, hopefully soon.

– The JT Team


Model: Christina Malave: Jacob Tyler Senior Account Strategist

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