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Jacob Tyler Records 55th Review on Clutch’s Platform

There are many reasons why companies and businesses would want to spend a lot of time and resources on their branding. More than just a logo, your brand is helping people in identifying and recognizing your company. Furthermore, your branding is what will help you in connecting with your clients and target audience. A lot of huge companies spend millions and millions of dollars on their branding, but you don’t have to spend a similar amount.

Partnering with a reliable and experienced company (like us, Jacob Tyler) should be on top of your list. At JT, we deliver creative experiences and marketing strategies that amplify your brand’s reach, breed customer loyalty – and drive business growth. We offer services such as brand strategy through design and development.

What we love about working with our clients are the relationships we forge and the feedback we receive. Their reviews help us in shaping our company and making sure that we continually grow in order to deliver high-quality and up-to-date services for our customers. That’s why we love ratings and reviews platforms like Clutch.

Clutch is an established platform in the heart of Washington, DC, committed to helping small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses identify and connect with the service providers they need to achieve their goals. They even provide blog post content for specific client testimonials (like the one you’re reading now) in order to help highlight some of your company’s greatest achievements.

Okay, now for the toast.. Today, we are very proud to share our 55th review on their platform! This review is from an organic products manufacturing company called Greenerways Organics. They hired our team to help design their logo and branding. To add to the plethora of content that we’re working on, we are finalizing their packaging design and the development of their website. We are also looking to handle their digital marketing efforts in the near future.


Here is what Lauren Rodolitz, the acting CMO of Greeneryways Organic, has to say about their experience in working with us:

“Jacob Tyler is incredible at making a bespoke dynamic. They recognize that not all small brands and clients are the same, so they adjust to what works best for each company. They don’t make clients follow a strict format or regimen, and they adapt very well to their needs.”

We are also featured on this year’s top branding agencies list on Top Design Firms. Top Design Firms is a top resource for buyers looking to find top designers, marketing companies, and developers that specialize in various industries. 

Are you interested in working with us? Reach out to our team today! We can’t wait to collaborate with you.

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