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How to Leverage Your Email Design for B2C Brands in 2022

Marketing trends come and go, we’ve seen it happen over and over. From bogus reviews to pop-up ads, consumers tire pretty quickly of tactics that are frustrating, ineffective, and just plain annoying. 

But email? Email is not a fad that’s going to fade away. Even with technology that changes every 90 seconds, the majority of the population is still tightly holding onto their email and not letting go.

This is both good and bad. On the one hand, it means brands have a guaranteed way to reach consumers consistently. No need to reinvent the wheel or figure out the latest sensation when email marketing is proven to be reliable and effective. On the other hand, this also means that you’re going to need to level up your email format for your B2C audience frequently. Like at least every year.

But never fear – we’ve rounded up some email design best practices that you can quickly adopt and implement for 2022, starting today.



Artificial intelligence isn’t technically robots handling all of your drip campaigns. But it kind of is? With “automation” continuing to be a buzzword, that trend is now coupling with AI to improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency.  Whether you are searching for better data collection methods, faster send times, or optimizing survey results, AI can help. Some of the ways brands are seeing results by adopting AI in their email marketing design include:

  • Better segmentation
  • Improved click-through percentages
  • Higher open rates
  • Reduced costs



Customers are kind of over it with the lengthy, paragraphs-long text. And please no more headache-inducing, flashy visual content.They are looking for streamlined, on-brand messaging that is easy on the eyes and shares information in a straightforward manner. It’s time to clean up your email marketing design and increase conversion rates. Some strategies to adopt include:

  • Choose visually appealing colors (but not too many)
  • Throw in relevant images, illustrations and GIFs (but not too many)
  • Opt for white space, crisp lines, and simple fonts
  • Keep your message clear

Mobile Optimization

Nothing is done without a phone in hand these days, and your email design needs to address that. Your B2C marketing can’t only be optimized for desktop viewing – it has to be incredibly mobile-friendly. Consumers aren’t interested in endlessly scrolling or not being able to view an entire page on their smartphone. Enhance and improve your mobile experience by:

  • Confirm your emails load quickly and correctly
  • Make CTA’s easy to find
  • Use single-column templates
  • Stick with a short subject line



Maybe you’ve heard of a fun little game called Wordle? Turns out consumers love to explore options that are engaging and interactive, but also not a complete time-suck. Knowing this fun fact can prove to be a game changer in B2C marketing, and help you level up your messaging. Adding participatory elements can help improve response rates and user engagement. When you consider the idea of interactivity in email design, think about:

  • Quick polls and surveys
  • Animated GIFs and memes
  • Providing relevant, real-time content
  • Carousel images or menus



Thanks to ADA compliance guidelines, most brands have implemented website changes that make their content more accessible and inclusive. When individuals with disabilities end up on a landing page, it’s not the overwhelming, complex undertaking that it once was (we’re looking at you Rite Aid). But have your email designs kept up with these important changes? Some ways to make your B2C emails accessible to everyone include:

  • Use a text font of 16px
  • Avoid using red and green as contrast colors
  • Make text links clear and bold, but not underlined
  • Include captions or subtitles for all videos


Dark Mode

What used to be limited to desktop viewing is now available on mobile devices, and it turns out that a whole lot of people use (and love) dark mode. This interface, also known as dark theme, is easier on the eyes and offers improved legibility. When examining your email marketing design, take a closer look at how it appears in both default and dark modes. Optimally, your content needs to:

  • Convert transparent backgrounds to dark colors
  • Automatically invert colors for all non-dark backgrounds
  • Choose images with colors that pop in both regular and dark mode
  • Avoid using pure white text on black backgrounds 

Ready to leverage your email design and reach your B2C audience in a whole new way? When you partner with Jacob Tyler, you’ll have an award-winning, remarkably funny digital marketing agency on your team, ready to tackle whatever giants are standing in your way. We have the know-how to create intuitive and engaging experiences for every user, on any device. And we’ll help your brand implement a flawless user experience that increases engagement with every click, tap or swipe.

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