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Down and Dirty: Facebook Retargeting

Hey. We’ve only got a minute. We just wanted to tell you why we like Facebook Retargeting real quick. Ready?

Everyone knows that retargeting rules because you get to reach “hand-raisers” again, making it far more likely you’ll move them down your carefully crafted conversion funnel. 3 things we love about Facebook’s version in particular are:

Standard and Custom Conversion Events

Standard and custom conversion events make it easy to set up any website action that you want to monitor and retarget against. Seriously. You can track everything. — blog views, newsletter sign ups, downloads, e-commerce, and more. Track it all, we say. Then, when you want to create an ad that speaks to a specific audience that performed a specific action, you can create a new audience based on that action. Message directly until your heart’s content.

E-commerce Integrations

Facebook works with various e-commerce partners to make social attribution tracking very easy. You just have to plug in your Facebook pixel id on the partner platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) and any standard event actions that happen on the e-commerce page will show up in the Facebook pixel analytics dashboard. Pretty, pretty, pretty sweet. Say goodbye to cart abandonment or welcome previous customers with messages that hit them right in the feels.

Engagement Retargeting

Lastly, and probably the most under the radar is that you can retarget against engagement on your social content and on your pages. You don’t need the pixel for this, but if you want to hit people up that came to your Facebook or Instagram page or who watched your video, you can. This tactic is a literal no-brainer. You just select the option when creating a custom audience and pick the one that makes the most sense for you (hint: try the Instagram bio visits one).

There you go. Facebook Retargeting is our jam. We love it. All the above can be found in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. Poke around and you’ll find it. Or, if you don’t want to mess with it or just want someone to do it for you, give us a shout. We’re down to help (in exchange for money, of course).

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