Integra, a leading global medical technology company, approached Jacob Tyler to help with the spin off of its spine and orthobiologics business, providing brand and digital strategy for accelerated growth. SeaSpine, the new spin off brand, needed to be introduced to the market with a strong reputation to showcase it's innovative technology and generate brand awareness. In addition to developing the brand strategy and platform, the external rollout required an integrated campaign and comprehensive website to establish awareness of the new SeaSpine, strengthen existing customer relationships and attract new customers.


Previous brands acquired by Integra, including IsoTis and the original SeaSpine, were still active, showing up on product labeling and surgical instruments. While IsoTis represented the orthobiologics product line, and SeaSpine was made up of the hardware product line, the spin-off company selected SeaSpine as the name due to assumed market equity and existing branding. However, the new SeaSpine needed to be seen as one unified brand, providing a clear and consistent experience to equally integrate both sides of the business (hardware and orthobiologics).


Jacob Tyler crafted SeaSpine's brand personality to create an easy and consistent experience by providing helpful customer service and innovative, high quality products to meet the needs of surgeons. Playing off the original SeaSpine brand, our approach was to continue the story around the concept of the sea, while reaching a global audience and creating flexibility for future growth and acquisitions. Just as the first SeaSpine wave was once connected to surfing and beach culture, the new brand captures the active lives and freedom of movement that patients enjoy as a result of evolving and collaborative partnerships.

Positioning & Voice

Corporate Identity Rebrand

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Web Design + Architecture

Jacob Tyler's solution-based architecture for the website demonstrates SeaSpine's technical knowledge, collaborative approach and vision for the future. In addition to new, high-end photography, the website makes it easy for partners to identify and gather product information with easy-to-use filtering tools by procedure, material and anatomical position in relation to the spine.


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