The Challenge

Helix Electric had not updated their brand in more than a decade when they approached Jacob Tyler. While the company’s focus on people, approach, technology and innovation could be seen on the job and inside their offices, the Helix story had not yet been told to potential employees and customers. Jacob Tyler met with Helix’s leadership group to kickoff what we become a complete brand refresh—and a brand story and messaging that reflects who the company really is. Jacob Tyler was tasked with creating the new brand messaging and story, conducting market research, and determining the direction of a flexible and scalable website for the company.

Our Solution

Our goal was to re-introduce Helix Electric to the market as a company that had already earned a strong reputation, and to showcase its innovative approach and solutions to generate brand awareness for both potential employees and potential customers. In addition to developing the brand messaging, strategy and platform, the external rollout required an integrated campaign and comprehensive website to establish awareness of the new launch, strengthen existing employee and customer relationships and attract new customers.

Digital Approach

The two core areas of focus for the website design and development were case studies and careers. Helix prides itself on having the best electricians in the industry, and as a non-union shop, recruiting is incredibly important to Helix. Showcasing brand culture and growth opportunities to perspective employees was mission critical—as was showcasing the quality of their work to perspective clients. Jacob Tyler developed a robust careers and case study section that is driven by imagery and effective storytelling. The site was developed with a mobile-first approach, as historical analytics showed that the majority of site visitors came from mobile.

Customer Engagement

Conversations with the Helix team and user-based research on site visitors led Jacob Tyler to create an engaging U/X design that features client case studies with large, beautiful imagery, letting Helix’s work speak for itself. The team created a custom mobile environment that was slightly different than the desktop presence to increase overall page views and time on page for each visitor.

Brand Messaging & Positioning

Social Media Advertising