Digital Approach

Jacob Tyler serves as an integrated design and marketing partner, working closely with the CarnoSyn® team. Together, we produced multiple digital campaigns that included website landing pages, message development, video production, media buying strategies and a robust social media campaign. Each campaign was focused on educating the fitness enthusiast and athlete audience on the benefits, uses and proper dosing of CarnoSyn®, and generating leads for retailers that sell the product as part of their sports nutrition formulas. The campaigns were wildly successful, making CarnoSyn® a known name in the fitness world.

A Case Study by Jacob Tyler

Lead Generation

Jacob Tyler took a phased approach to create specific campaign based landing pages optimized to generate leads and position CarnoSyn® as a leader in the industry while driving product sales to global partners. Carnosyn saw a 33% increase in B2B sales over a 9 month period.

The Challenge

CarnoSyn is known for products that deliver incredible results, so they needed an online presence to match. Jacob Tyler has worked with the CarnoSyn team on campaigns that increased overall brand awareness and understanding, but their main website needed to tell a clearer story tailored for both B2B and B2C customers.

Our Solution

Our team used a brighter color palette and CarnoSyn’s own brand photography to breathe life into the brand. By featuring different types of athletes throughout the site, we showed exactly what CarnoSyn’s results look like. And by developing a content strategy for organizing content throughout the site, relevant information and data is always right there where their customers will need it.

Advertising and Social Media

With Jacob Tyler’s social, mobile, and web advertising, the initial campaign generated over 39,000,000 ad impressions with an average Click-through rate above 0.60% and an average cost per click of $.19 in phase one. Two more campaigns are currently in motion.

Campaign Promotional Videos


Increased average website visits per day from 90 to 2,200 visits per day with 71% of traffic being first time visits to


Generated over 1,280,000 video views of educational content with an average View Through Rate of 32% (Average TrueView VTR are between 5% to 10%)


Improved View through rate of TrueView to 50%+ which lowered Cost per View down to an average between $.03 -$.04