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Is Your Brand Fit for Summer?

Does your brand feel out of shape and out of touch with the market? Do you feel like it’s just not performing with the same amount of stamina as it used to? If so, it might be time to enroll in a brand boot camp!  Follow these three simple tips for getting your brand back in shape and just in time for summer!

Consistency is key.

Is your brand’s voice consistent across all platforms? Do your social posts relate to the content on your website? Does it look, feel, and sound like the same organization? If it doesn’t, a simple content audit of your social media channels, website, blog, and collateral will allow you to pinpoint the discrepancies and identify where there are misses. Moving forward it makes sense to create some general brand guidelines around your design standards (font types, color palettes, logo usage) and voice (serious, technical, humorous, causal etc.) and share these with any staff managing website content, social media channels and collateral creation.


What makes your brand unique? Why should a prospect work with your organization versus your competitor? Identify your unique proposition and review your website and other marketing collateral through that lens. Are you clear about how you set yourself apart from the competition?

Assess competitors. 

Once you have identified what makes your brand special, and you’ve ensured your messaging is consistent across all platforms, now it’s time to hold it up to the competition. In order to see how you stack up, choose up to three competitors and evaluate their brand in the same way as you evaluated yours. Pro Tip: An easy way to quickly see how they compare is to review their website. Their website will house their messaging, call to action and more, all in one place.

Ready to get into shape? We understand that sometimes there isn’t enough time to keep on top of your brand’s strength, which is where we can help! Think of Jacob Tyler as your brand’s personal trainer! Contact Jacob Tyler today for a brand audit—We look forward to helping you get fit this summer!

Jacob Tyler | Branding Agency in San Diego

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