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The 80s Called and They Want Their Logo Back

Give your brand the makeover it deserves.

Ever find a pair of pants that look so amazing on you that you want to wear them every day for the rest of your life? And then one day you wake up looking like this:

You probably remember all the compliments you got. “Sick pants Steve, I love how they billow” echoes in your memory. If you think long and hard about it you will recall how the admiration gradually lessened to silence and now even seems include the occasional snicker. How did we get here you wonder? How could a beautiful pair of trousers, that frankly make my butt look great, become so outdated?

Well much like fashion, typography and graphic design too goes through trends. That crazy pattern probably looked really cool back in 1989, but unfortunately it’s now looking more “loco” than logo. Complacency can kill your brand. We’ve all been there before. Sometimes a simple refresh is all you need! Take these examples for instance:

Like staying in shape, keeping your brand relevant takes time and practice. We understand that sometimes there isn’t enough time to keep on top of your brand’s strength, which is where we can come help! Think of Jacob Tyler as your brand’s personal trainer!

Jacob Tyler | Web Design in San Diego

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