The Challenge

Dowling & Yahnke Wealth Advisors is one of the top wealth management firms in Southern California. As one of the first “fiduciary” firms in the country, D&Y built a strong reputation on trust and doing what was right for their clients. Some years later, many other financial firms followed suit and became fiduciaries themselves. And while D&Y still had a strong hold on their market in SoCal, new competition was moving in, prompting D&Y to approach Jacob Tyler for a brand and messaging refresh to help the company stay a step ahead of the competition.

A Fresh Look and Feel

Jacob Tyler created a fresh new look and feel for the brand, without making major changes to the logo, since the company had built significant brand equity. We designed an entire new business suite, including letterhead and cards, and an exquisite brand brochure that would be the signature leave-behind piece when meeting with prospective clients.

Brand Messaging

Jacob Tyler worked hand in hand with the D&Y team to develop new brand messaging that highlighted the firm’s differentiation from its competition and appealed to the emotional aspects of financial planning. Rather than talk about what the firm does, we developed prospect-focused messaging that described the results from solid wealth management—a better future, an easy retirement, and peace of mind. This new brand messaging was deployed via the brand brochure, new website and through all brand communications efforts.


Jacob Tyler reimagined what a financial services website could and should look like—client focused, personalized for audiences, an intuitive U/X—and got to work. Working with the D&Y team to dig deep on customer journeys, we designed and developed a brand-new website that personified the firm’s ethos—and created clear pathways that prompted prospective clients to learn, be inspired and finally, take action.


Decreased site bounce rate from 84% to 42%


Increase in site engagement and click through


Increase in lead conversion through the Website.