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The Jacob Tyler Mother’s Day Quarantine Gift Guide.

The Jacob Tyler Mother’s Day Quarantine Gift Guide.

It’s Mother’s Day again, which means you’re probably struggling to find the perfect gift for your mom. Aside from a card and flowers, finding the right gift can be difficult—especially during a pandemic. But fear not, we’ve put together a helpful quarantine gift guide that will maybe help you find the right gift. Maybe not. Probably not, actually. But a few ideas can’t hurt. Here we go.

Do a Drive By

Nothing says “I love you mom” like rolling up the street slowly to her house and surprising her with a visit! The drive by has become all the rage for kids’ birthdays during quarantine. It’s time to involve mom too. The hardest part of being in lockdown is not being physically close to those important to you. You may not be able to give mom a hug, but she will surely appreciate seeing you in person, rather than on that Zoom meeting she can’t really figure out.

Send Her a Picture Book 

If your mom can’t be with you, you can still involve her in your life through photographs. And with apps like Chatbooks, you can automatically create photobooks that will be printed and delivered to your mom. While we haven’t used Chatbooks, we love their ads so we’re already sold.
Teach Her How to Use Video Conferencing Technology

If your mom is as technology impaired as some of ours are, Mother’s Day is a great time to teach her to use video conferencing tech. Whether it’s Zoom, Facetime or any other of the technologies that have become “essential” during quarantine, helping your mom learn to use video conferencing will allow you to stay in close contact and see each other while you’re apart. Just remember to show her the kind of patience she showed you when you stuffed your GI Joe figures down the toilet when you were 8 years old. You owe it to her.
Protect Her from Murder Hornets

The hits just keep on coming. We’re already dealing with a global pandemic, and now there’s Murder Hornets? If we’re being honest, we don’t really know if Murder Hornets are actually dangerous to humans, but to be safe, you may want to get your mom a bug-blasting salt shotgun.

Your Time

Spending time with you is all your mom really wants, and that’s what makes this quarantine so heartbreaking. We do, however, have technology that can bring us together when we’re apart, so dedicate significant time to your Mom this Sunday. Whether it’s a video conference or a phone call, do more than just check in. Make her your priority, as she has always made you hers.

– The JT Team

Model: Amy Antony: Jacob Tyler VP of Project Management

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