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Pet-Friendly Offices Are Simply Better…It’s Science!

Bring your dog to work day has become much more than an annual excuse to boost company morale, it’s become a regular occurrence at companies across the globe, and for good reason. Having our fur babies trotting through the hallways, snoring through meetings and barking at the FedEx guy greatly impacts our work day happiness and it’s backed by scientific research.


The three biggest benefits to a pet-friendly office are:

1. Boosting Creativity

Getting employees up and moving more often stimulates the brain and can help to increase creative ideation. Utilizing small breaks can also have the opposite effect, in a positive way, as it allows the brain a chance to rest and charge up for what’s next on the list. In a creative environment, anything that can help to boost creativity is not only good for the employees, but also for the clients who reap the benefits of a sharp, creative team. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found going for a walk can boost creative thinking by as much as 60% compared to staring at a screen.

2. Increased Bonding In the Humans

Whether it’s the snorts of a bulldog during a status meeting or the endless attempts of a developer to get the snarky chihuahua to like him, we all benefit from a few more laughs in our day. The work we do is important, yes, but also important is the time that we spend with our co-workers. Our furry friends can be a conduit to learning more about the person sitting next to you. A study from Central Michigan University found that dogs in the office can lead to better collaboration between co-workers.

3. Lower Stress

We can all benefit for a little less stress. Whether it’s the impending doom of a huge deadline or the fifteenth shade of blue the client has rejected for the new logo, we all suffer from work related stress. If giving a 30 second head rub to one of our canine buddies can decrease that stress, why not take advantage of it. The simple act of petting a dog has been verified as a way to increase oxytocin and increase employee smiles.


At Jacob Tyler, we know that great work comes from a great environment. By challenging the norms of a typical office environment, we are able to push our work and ourselves further. Having some of our greatest fans sitting on our laps just makes the journey a little better.

Jacob Tyler in San Diego

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