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On the Twelfth Day of Creative: Our Team

As told by our CEO, Les Kollegian…

On the Twelfth Day of Creative, I’m both joyful and thankful for all that Jacob Tyler has done this past year. After some VERY big changes and a major transition to a new office in the beginning of the year, we have managed to build our team and frankly, I feel our culture is the BEST it has ever been. We love the work we are doing for our clients and it shows. How can I tell? It’s not just the awards and the type of work we are doing… it’s the fact that our client retention and satisfaction is ALSO the best it has ever been. Our clients keep coming back for more and we are all thrilled.

Photo on 12-15-15 at 3.25 PM

I would love to say there is one project I am particularly proud of, but I take pride in my team and all the projects we do. I appreciate everyone who contributes to accomplish our goals and the 100% you bring every day to create success for our clients, and us.

Thank you all and have a GREAT and happy holiday.


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