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On the Ninth Day of Creative: Nomad

As told by Developer, Jon Clawson,

On the Ninth day of creative, we are anticipating the launch of the Nomad Temporary Housing mobile application which will provide a better experience to process reservation requests for both clients and their internal team. Through the current website, and now the mobile app, Nomad offers a comprehensive search feature that allows users to quickly locate potential destinations for temporary living and submit a reservation request. The website also features many admin tools for communicating property information via email, PDF distribution and the soon-to-launch customer facing phone application.

The Nomad system has provided me the opportunity to work on a task orientated application with new, interesting technologies including server side code, data, API’s, and several JavaScript frameworks. Myself and the Dev team took the Challenge head-on. It has proven our ability to adapt and evolve with the technology industry and remain at the head of the curve by continuing to provide effective solutions. The phone application is scheduled to launch in January 2016 so keep an eye out for more to come!

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