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On the Fourth Day of Creative: MaxLinear

As told by our Interactive Art Director, Azenith “Zee” Salenga…

On the fourth Day of Creative, I present to you the 2015 MaxLinear IBC Convention posters! MaxLinear is a technology company specializing in high-performance broadband and networking semiconductors. We were tasked with creating 12 posters for use at the 2015 IBC Conference in Amsterdam. To be a success, phase one of the project required a considerable amount of product understanding.


Prior to kicking off design, the MaxLinear team provided us with detailed diagrams and walked us through each—a few were fairly straightforward, but majority were quite complex. The challenge was to translate these mockups into something that made sense to a novice audience while remaining on brand. After some deliberation and research, we decided to take an infographic approach comprised of minimalistic visuals and illustrations portraying both speed and data.

This was an exciting challenge, but the outcome was truly rewarding. Working with the MaxLinear team was a great experience and we are thrilled to have made a lasting impact on their business and their brand.ML-2a

Jacob Tyler | Marketing Agency in San Diego

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