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Everyone is listening right now. What do you want to say?

The Most Captive Audience You’ll Ever Have.

Like almost every person and every business, we’re still at home. Have been for four weeks now. But we’re not idle—far from it. Our clients know that while we are facing unprecedented times, business must carry on, however it can. In fact, we view these times as an opportunity for our clients and for every business. There is no better time to market your product or service than right now. With most of the world idle, you have the most captive audience you will ever have. Don’t waste it. While people may not be able to buy your product or service right now, they can start the decision process.

COVID-19 is deadly serious, but people don’t want to spend 24 hours a day in fear. That’s why we decided to get creative and start our own magazine. Well, maybe not a full magazine but we designed a funny cover. People need a good chuckle every now and again. Laughter is a warm feeling, and warm feelings are what your clients are looking for from your brand. Now is the perfect time to get that across. We’re not suggesting you create a fake fashion magazine cover (definitely don’t do this)—but speak to your customers in a way that’s appropriate for your brand. Talk about something other than the coronavirus. Bring a sense of normalcy to their day. Most importantly, say something that will endear people to your brand. When things get back to normal, you might just find that you have a bunch of new customers.

Everyone is listening right now. What do you want to say?

-The JT Team


Model: Les Kollegian – Jacob Tyler Founder & CEO

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