The Challenge

Dexcom’s website required a design direction that would create a linear flow for users to review the product line, technology, and benefits. The site also needed to scale easily for new product launches and daily content updates. Lastly, the product line needed to be shown in a way that would catch a visitor’s attention and made them want to learn more about the company and its products.

The Solution

Jacob Tyler began by conducting customer research, then generated wireframes based on understood behavior. Once approved, wireframes were turned into clickable designs to be tested by key stakeholders within the company. Large imagery and emotive copy drove the look and feel with brand direction from the team at Cofa Media.

Digital Approach

Jacob Tyler employs a mobile first strategy for all Website UX/UI projects, as the majority of users search on mobile. However, Dexcom’s data showed virtually equally user engagement and visits through both desktop and mobile platforms. Thus, equal care was taken to create a cohesive experience on all devices to enable enhanced click-through and overall engagement.

Mobile & Desktop Design

Jacob Tyler utilized large and stylish product and lifestyle imagery to engage site visitors and patients. For Dexcom, education is a key component to guide users through a full marketing funnel, and specific calls-to-action (CTA’s) helped the company drive leads.