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Traffic manager duties and expectations

The traffic manager’s main objective is to ensure that deliverables and work from account services flow efficiently to creative and production departments. The traffic manager is responsible for keeping everyone on task and keeping projects on deadline, handling the logistics and keeping all parties updated on the progress. The end goal is to make sure the project goes smoothly and that both the client who requested the project and the professionals who did the work are satisfied with the end result.

In most cases, the following responsibilities can be expected:

  • Create detailed schedules and set deadlines for various stages of a project
  • Distribute assignments to creative teams and other departments, depending on their availability and priorities
  • Meet with Account Managers and Business Development  to learn more about new project details and give/receive progress updates on existing projects, communicating any issues
  • Monitor projects and workloads, adjusting assignments and deadlines accordingly
  • Maintain job files
  • Coordinate with freelancers and contractors and ensure they have the resources needed for their jobs
  • Must know Basecamp and TeamGantt

Typical Day

The traffic manager’s job is not an easy one. On any given day, dozens of new projects may need to be scheduled, and it is the traffic manager’s responsibility to keep everything running smoothly, despite the constant changes and demands of the agency. On any given day, the traffic manager will:

  • Meet with the heads of departments to learn about the status of existing projects, and details about new projects coming into the agency.
  • Create a schedule for new jobs, and assign those tasks using the trafficking system in place (this is usually done with software, and many tasks are automated).
  • Review current and future timelines and job statuses with the heads of department, and if necessary, the individuals working on the jobs.
  • Reschedule projects based on new or changing priorities. This often happens when clients initiate rush jobs, or the agency becomes involved in a pitch.
  • Report to management about the current workflow, and communicate any possible issues with too much, or too little, work coming into the agency.
  • Work with the accounting and production departments on invoicing, and possible additional costs due to rush fees, or unexpected deadlines.
  • Work with freelancers and temporary contractors, getting them up to speed on jobs they will assist with.
  • Work with developers to hand off creative assets for development

As well, all  team members will:

  • Be able to work independently.
  • Be a team player.
  • Be loyal, responsible, creative, inquisitive.
  • Understand brand communications and its role in the business world.
  • Understanding of social media and spread the word about Jacob Tyler.
  • Uphold and enhance the image of Jacob Tyler (professional, trustworthy, creative, responsible, honest).
  • Have excellent writing and verbal skills.

How to Apply: Send email (under 25mb) to careers@jacobtyler.com and include:

  • Resume
  • Compensation expectations: Starting salary range $60,000 – $100,000/year, based on experience.

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