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Is Your Brand a Crock Pot?

It’s that time of year again. A time to throw portion control and calorie counting into the fireplace. It’s a time where melted cheese reigns supreme. It’s Crock Pot Season!12274660_10153323349228507_2422566036580949659_n

A heated agency debate before our annual chili cook-off, spurred a question about the brands that we create. Is your brand a Crock Pot or a stoneware slow cooker? Crock Pot is a product, but it is also a brand that owns its category. Although many brands have come along that sell similar products, Crock Pot has been able to stand the test of time by releasing new products that embrace technology, while staying true to the core purpose of the brand. Save time, and make it easy. Crock Pot was created over four decades ago as a way to cook a flavorful, convenient, home-cooked meals without having to spend any time in the kitchen.


12274779_10153323453173507_2982917892590345249_n 12274338_10153323453008507_6738614875663996482_n


Brands that are able to stay true to their roots while continuing to advance, are the ones that take over (or create) their own lanes. Brands Like Kleenex, Coke, Band-Aid, Tupperware and Crock-Pot are brands that have become synonymous with their product categories. To create the next “Crock Pot”, determine what your brands purpose is, brand it and then own it. Be confident in your brand and never forget why it exists.

Jacob Tyler | San Diego’s Best Design Firm

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