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Google Commands that will Make People Think You’re a Hacker

Friday, May 10th, 2013

It’s an understatement to state the Google search engine has by far the most influence over today’s web behaviors. Google claims to receive over 1 billion searches each day. Also, 15% of those 1 billion searches each day, they’ve never seen before. This means that web search is ever-evolving- and being El Presidente of internet search- Google’s developed “advanced search operators” to help searchers cut through the clutter.

For this installment of the JT Creative blog, we thought it’d be fun to speak on some little known, advanced commands that help online marketers complete complex research…or… empower the casual searcher with a tool belt to impress their peers. Maybe it’s not “hacker-status,” but using these search commands will put you in the 99th percentile of efficient Google-searchers, easy.

Diving right in – Below we’ve listed an assortment of Google Search Operators to help you upgrade your search game. Keep in mind, we’ve limited our list to operators that only work when conducting a web search (as opposed to image, news, or directory searches…etc)

1. allintext:

Using the operator allintext:term will restrict the results that Google lists to only webpages that contain the terms you’ve listed. For example, searching “allintext:jacob tyler creative group” will show you pages where the term(s) “Jacob Tyler Creative Group” are found. Pretty basic, yeah? Let’s continue.

2. filetype:

When searching with the operator filetype:suffix Google will only result listings that are the desired file type of your choosing. Replacing “suffix” with the filetype you wish to find. PDF, DOC, PAGES, XLSX…etc. Example: Entering a search of “web design san diego filetype:pdf” will list Adobe Acrobat pdf files that contain the terms “web,” “design,” “san,” and “diego.” To include more than one filetype, combine this search with the OR operator command. Example: “web design san diego filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc OR filetype:pages” Now you’re catching on.

3. related:

A search including the operator related:URL will list only websites related to the URL you determine. An example, you say? …I thought you’d never ask. Well, let’s say you enter the query, ”” Google would present only listings that are similar to the characteristics of Jacob Tyler. Note: using URLs without the “www.” prefix will work just as well (ex:

4. define:

I bet you can’t guess what the operator define:term does? Define things? Damn. Good guess. Certainly a valuable shortcut, if you’re like me. I use this operator to see multiple definitions of a word or even explanations of popular phrases. Obligatory example – Using the search “define:murphys law” will land you a concise definition of something I’m sure we all run into quite regularly. But let’s hope not.

As far as Search Operators in existence, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. But hey- Now that we’ve shed a little light unto some of them, it’ll be easier to do your own research and find the rest, right?

Happy Googling everyone.

Who Is This Google Penguin Guy and What Has He Done With My Rankings?!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

by Jake Brenner

Unfortunately, yes. Far from being the helpful hero they intended, Google’s new search algorithm, ‘Penguin’, has morphed from super-update to super-fiend (thus far). On April 24th, Google made the decision to unleash Penguin from its lair. Since then, no site has been safe and it’s taken the Internet by storm. From flipped rankings, to accidental site ‘Blacklisting’ Penguin’s devious ways seem to have been enough to confound even the most brilliant of Google engineers.

Like the officials of Gotham City, initially denying that Penguin was the one to blame, Google did eventually come out and say that the new algorithm was responsible for the “accidental” blacklisting of numerous sites during the switch. Even though that does little to help the websites affected during the takeover, many of which are signing the “Please kill your Penguin update” petition. Where’s Batman when you need him?

Our advice to you: keep a close eye on your traffic and your rankings. If you find that your site has completely dropped off, or the majority of your rankings don’t come back in a week or two, it’s possible to re-submit it for review by Google, although it’s unclear to us if they are still currently accepting submissions.

One helpful lesson to be learned from this, that we’ve preached since the beginning of time…or the Internet at least, is to NOT DEPEND SOLELY ON ONE MARKETING CHANNEL. Yes, SEO is crucial to the success of a website, but just like any investor will tell you, diversification is the best long-term strategy.

Going forward, we do expect rankings to come back up to normal, but for now we’re doing our part to monitor the airwaves as best we can and ensure we stick to our usual routine of excellence. If we come across anything relevant you’ll be the first to know. So for now, stay tuned for more. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Not so cuddly huh?

Google Releases Their Own Like Button. What’s Next?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

By Nicole Fletcher

Insert YET ANOTHER Google update…none other than Google’s own take on the ‘Like’ button. They’re calling it the ‘Plus one’. It’s goal? To further integrate social into search.

Google will now allow Internet users to vote on search content they find useful and then share that content with their personal connections within their Google accounts. Reports say, the ability to share this social content to twitter is coming soon. In search, people will now see the number of votes in addition to the name and photos of their Google connections who have shared content.
This would definitely be considered the most aggressive integration of social into search to date and we can only expect Google to incorporate the plus 1 button into their algorithm soon. Bryan Wiener, CEP of 360i, says:

“Its important for Google to bring in social influence into search results to prevent the social web from becoming a parallel universe. I do think they need to have the Facebook ‘likes’ in there because you’re going to have two webs, the social web and the open web.”

Interesting point Bryan. Indeed, if Google does not incorporate ‘likes’ into their algorithm, there will be further separating the social interactions that take place on social sites like facebook, from the rest of the open web. While they do of course have their differences, it certainly would be counter productive to compete with one another.

And here’s your answer…

Google’s Principle Engineer for Search, Matt Cutts, said, “When someone recommends something, that’s a pretty good indicator of quality. We are strongly looking at using this in our rankings.”

So far as SEO is concerned, inbound links have been of utmost importance when it comes to page rank. Last year, Google included Twitter updates to aggregate the most recent conversations on any topic. Adding Google’s plus-one will add yet another social component. Basically the point of this update is simple: you would more willingly visit a site recommended by a friend than you would click through the clutter that is modern search. This update makes it easier to find quality content because users are now able to see what their connections have shared.

This though, might not be the biggest part of this update. According to AdAge, “the biggest move here may not be about search at all, but about taking another swing at the social networking business — and at Facebook itself. The first time users clicks on a plus-one button, they will be prompted to create a Google profile, as well as be given the opportunity to adjust privacy settings.” Interesting. Is Google trying once again to compete with Facebook? And if so, will they succeed? Only time will tell. Bing integrated Facebook “likes” into their search at the end of 2010 but NOT into their algorithm itself. What that means is that a “like” does NOT, I repeat does NOT, affect search rankings. Google’s Matt Cutts also reported that Google does not have plans to include Facebook in their algorithm…but they also don’t have the authority to do so. He said, “It would depend on whether that data were available” …so again, time will tell.

In the mean time, keep an eye out for recommended content and small pics of your friends faces in your search results.

A Shout Out to Social Media Skeptics and Cynics

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

By Nicole Fletcher

It truly baffles me how even today, at the end of 2010, people are still completely blind to the wonderful world of social media and the endless list of possibilities this exciting new industry brings. I get that people ‘don’t have time to tweet‘, ‘don’t care what their sister’s friend ate for breakfast’ or simply ‘think this whole thing is just a fad’ – but everyone is on Facebook and everyone is inundated by the web daily. Why then are people so against learning about and taking advantage of all this new age of tech wonder has to offer?

I’m not one for conformity, after all, my personal blog is called Deviate From the Norm…but it seems clear to me that, unlike palazzo pants and bedazzled denim, Social Media is here to stay and some people just can’t, or won’t, accept that. People talk about the social verse like it’s some uncool food item in the nerdy kids’ lunchbox; like it’s something tacky or lame that the popular kids will soon force into extinction. I’m here to tell you, as Jacob Tyler’s new Social Media Director, it’s not. It’s here to stay and if you aren’t on it, well frankly, we’ll take off full speed into the future without you.

This new age of marketing that we are all so fortunate to be witnessing first hand, is just starting to bloom and grow. Social Media has totally redefined marketing, as your clients and customers can now take an active stance toward…or against your brand. With the billboards and television commercials of yesteryear, businesses never heard a peep from their clientele, who essentially hold the fate of their brand in their hands. Now, corporations, small businesses and public figures alike get to hear, see and feel it all. The truth might hurt…but better to hear it loud and clear in bold black and white, than not at all.

If you’re a business small or large you MUST know that you are not above this. You MUST take advantage of the marketing tools available to you for if you don’t, your competition surely will and probably already has. Most people don’t understand Twitter and I get that. I guarantee though, if you spend some time educating yourself, you’ll learn that thousands if not millions of people are already talking about exactly what you do for a living, or think about, or eat, or believe and those people should be on your radar as prospective clients and friends. The simple lesson is this: you must develop a presence for yourself..or hire someone to handle your social media for you. Most of the most modern marketing tools are available to you at no cost but your time, effort and passion. One of the most basic marketing fundamentals centers around ‘being your brand’ so if you’re not willing to give it some love, how can you possibly expect to succeed? If I haven’t convinced you on the vitality of this rapidly growing industry, here are some stats to gnaw on.

-500 million people are on Facebook
-Human beings spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook per month
-30+ billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month
-24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing declines in circulations- shock gasp
-There are over 200 million blogs
-More than 600 million searches take place on Twitter each month
-Lady Gaga has 7.2+ million followers on Twitter to date.

Get the point? Social Media is here to stay, so learn about it before we’re so far down the futuristic highway that there’s no hope of catching up.