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Google Forecasts Rain on Upcoming Facebook Parade

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

On the eve of the much-anticipated Facebook newsfeed redesign, Google decided to publish a redesign of its own. And when we say “redesign,” we mean adding a double-wide profile cover photo and new circular profile pic template.

Google’s strategically timed profile update proves that they’re not ready to let Facebook steamroll this week’s online buzz from marketers, nor allow Google+ to remain the afterthought it still is.

Here’s what we (and most likely your brand) woke up to this morning:

This is what we woke up to this morning.

This is what we woke up to this morning.

The new cover image allows users to use 100% more real estate at a 16×9 aspect ratio. We interpret this as Google proclaiming, “Anything you can do, I can do better…with less people.”

Additionally, there are a few new features tossed in. A new “local review” tab and simplified profile customizations that users might enjoy. Suffice it to say, it doesn’t look like the newly released features will be enough to cast a shadow on that upcoming Facebook redesign. Phew! Now, lets all get back to Facebook.

Facebook Timeline 2012 – Three Underestimated Features

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

by Chelsea Daus

It’s a bittersweet change for brands unprepared for the March 30th automatic conversion, but we’ve highlighted three underestimated features. Not only does it aid brands in further customizing their pages (learn how to best design for timeline), it also gives them the opportunity to share their story with fans. With the new format capable of recording events as far back as the 1800’s, Facebook Timeline now allows brands to highlight past events on their timeline as well as add cover photos to complement profile images. These are the basics and if you don’t already know this, move that rock you’ve been calling, “home.”

‘Fan-to-Brand-to-Brand Messages’

Our own name for this great communication tool that allows not only brands to privately message each other but also for fans to send direct messages to the brand that perhaps they don’t want seen on the wall. However, pages cannot send messages to the fans – this may be to prevent spam or ads to the fan.

Use this new feature to increase your social media ROI by decreasing customer service phone calls to your “local” call center. Coincidentally, advising fans to send you a direct message allows for cleanup of negative posts on your brand’s wall (aka Timeline).

Timeline Message

Friends Boxin’ it

This genius little tidbit informs fans that X number of their friends already “like” the brand page. Thus delivering even more incentive for the fan to “like” the page (think of it as an endorsement). Brownie points: any conversation with your brand in a friend’s post appears immediately on the right side of the timeline. This “six degrees of separation” game generates a relationship with your current fans, new fans and common interest as a whole. Essentially, this is sales at its best: networking…Ah-ha, perhaps the original nugget of wisdom behind Facebook’s creation?

Friends Box

Your Stories. Your Events

A new option offered by Timeline is to have up to 8 apps to further tell your story.  Use these  sections to feature fans, celebrate events, post career listings, apps, videos…there’s a tab for everything. Must we list them all? Find out for yourself how customizing your page with custom apps adds an entirely new dimension to your brand’s social life. An impressive example that some brands take advantage of is by featuring a related Twitter feed from your fans on Facebook without forcing them to leave the page. Need some assistance getting that ball rolling?
Facebook Timeline Apps

It Never Hurts to Ask

As a full service brand communications and social media agency in San Diego we have the resources and experience to ensure your Facebook Timeline is never out of date. Check out Jacob Tyler’s Timeline for ideas, advice and general forums to discuss the benefits of telling your story the right way.

Social Media/Print Integration: How NOT To Do It.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

By Nicole Fletcher

In a mad dash to get ‘with the times’, people seem to be flocking to their designers and agencies in a desperate attempt to ‘get social’. Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare icons in addition to the newer QR Codes are popping up in print collateral everywhere…but are they working? Clearly there’s a line between brands who ‘get it’ and those who don’t, as if you just took a moment to think about marketing from the consumer side, you would clearly realize the short comings of the majority of this ‘new age’ marketing.

Clear calls to action are the name of the game. You want to give people as few ‘jobs’ as possible, eliminating as many obstacles between them and their transaction (whatever that may be) with your brand. That said, if you’re trying to drive traffic through your doors, you’re not going to say “Look for us San Diego” – you’re going to give your address to them. Eliminate the obstacles. Similarly, you wouldn’t say ‘Find us on the Internet’ – You’re going to provide your website address. Social should be no different. Don’t slap a Facebook icon on a flier and call it a day. Provide the url. Facebook search is an imperfect place and with duplicate page names, people, etc, you want to be as clear as possible. “But my url is full of numbers, letters and gibberish”, you say. Fair enough. Set your custom Facebook url (provided you have at least 25 likes) by visiting BEWARE: Once you set this puppy, consider it stone so be sure to spell everything correctly and avoid a rebrand in the near future.

What not to do:

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 9.25.20 AM

As you see above, they tell me to go to Facebook. Ok. That’s vague. You don’t know my level of tech savoir faire- break it down.

What to do:

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 9.52.07 AM

This one’s better. Foursquare is geo location based so you’re not going to provide a url necessarily but Facebook is clear and ready to go.

Moving onto QR Codes, if you have a QR Code, make sure you use it right. Since they’re newly popular, you might want to include the name of the app to download and a brief how to with respect to QR Code Scanning. Drive traffic to a mobile friendly site…NOT your full website..especially if it’s built in Flash (flash is NOT mobile friendly). That can be overwhelming and you’ll lose your prospect right then and there. Ideally you’ll send them to a mobile landing page with a simplified version of your website catered to the mobile market. For example, if you’re a fast food joint, I don’t want to see your full site. I might want to see a simplified menu, a location based restaurant finder, a coupon or a new commercial or funny video to name a few. Always keep your user in mind. Make the transaction as easy as possible.

In sum, think about your user. Think about what you want them to do – ultimately - and what channels you can use to get them where you want them to go and to do what you want them to do. Ease is the name of the game.

Facebook Removes Ability for Pages to Tag Friends in Posts

Friday, July 8th, 2011

By Nicole Fletcher

You avid Facebookers may have noticed that you can no longer tag one of your friends..or anyone for that matter…when posting as your fan page. While many of you I’m sure hoped this was just a glitch…much like when Facebook killed the suggest your page to friends feature,’s not. Facebook has killed it.

Their reasoning is based upon the idea that if a popular page tags a person in a post, that person may get large volumes of unwanted friend requests.  Pages can of course still tag other pages, which is definitely a nice feature though it’s been acting weird for me in the past week or so, most likely due to the updates Facebook has been making.

In September of 2009, Facebook introduced the ability to tag friends, pages, events, places and even groups. Even more recently, they allowed for tagging within comments making the wide world of social, even more social. Finally, pages could even be tagged in pictures and now one of these gifts has been taken away. There is though one exception to this tagging change. If Page admins click on the “Share” link on their news feed or the stories that appear on their wall, they can select to publish it to their Page. Within this repost, the admin can tag his or her friends in that post. Impressed that was discovered aren’t you? You should be. While it’s a pretty cool loop hole my guess is that it’s probably a glitch and will not be available much longer.

In the mean time, sorry pages. You can’t tag your friends anymore. Facebook is constantly trying to bridge the experience between users and brands and these functionality changes will not stop here. Especially with the beta launch of Google+, I think we’ll see a few more tricks to say the least from Facebook.