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“ASAP” Means Absolutely Nothing

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

ASAP Image

“Can you send me that thing ASAP?”

I’ve been asked that before. I’ve also asked it myself. It sounds silly in writing, but it’s a common request in the workplace. While “ASAP” may seem important, it’s a key component to an empty request. “As Soon As Possible” may mean you want it delivered within the hour but to your coworker it may mean you want it within the week. You have no concrete proof that this person will actually deliver on what you are asking within a certain timeframe. Nor that it will be done correctly.

Still skeptical?

I sat in a team workshop (what I often refer to as “a warm and fuzzy”) called “Conversation for Action” and was skeptical too. Were we really about to spend an hour learning how to ask a request? But I will be the first to admit that the impact was very real.

Since the workshop I’ve reshaped my every request and have since then seen three tangible deadlines met—photos taken for an eblast, an edited brand platform, and a designed brand architecture—in only three days of putting this new practice to the test. Previously these requests had a 50 percent chance of being fulfilled, and felt like pulling teeth.

So how do you make a request that actually sticks? And on the flip side, how do you build trust with your coworkers to ensure that requests are met? Start here.

1. Request with purpose.
Ask like this: “I request that you ________ BY ___________.” This makes it very clear that you need something by a specific time. Create a shared concern, give context around your request, share details that may seem obvious to you but may not be obvious to your coworker. Ask in person versus email if possible. Then ensure a confirmation.

2. Honor your word.
If you say yes to the request, then meet the request or the moment something interferes, communicate it.

3. Treat your requester like a client.
You always want a satisfied client. When you complete the request, follow up to ensure satisfaction.

Give it a shot and while you experience the results, I request that you “Like” this blog by end of the week.

Conversation for Action Workshop

Washington Web Design

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Jacob Tyler is an award winning brand and communications agency offering a full suite of marketing services in Washington including web design and new media, print and graphic design, logo design and corporate identity, reputation management, mobile application development, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. Jacob Tyler enlists a wildly creative team of developers, marketers, innovators, and designers to consistently, “Wow”, customers, clients, and audiences online and off.

Our Washington Web Design Agency Continues to Impress

Jacob Tyler is a process oriented design and branding firm that customizes all aspects of their projects to best fit their client intentions, marketing goals, and branding objectives. We spend an un-ordinary amount of time with our clients to understand their thoughts, vision, dreams, and aspirations for their business. It is our nature to develop personal relationships with all of our clients and to celebrate in joint successes.

How Our Advertising Agency Delivers

The team at Jacob Tyler Creative Group aims to dazzle each and every client we work with. In order to accomplish this we use a process and instill a company philosophy to guide us. “Treat each project, logo design, print job, and design project as if it were you’re own”. Sound simples, but the concept guides our team to continuously produce exceptionally outstanding creatives. Please take a look at our design and interactive portfolio of work or have a glance at our print projects to better understand how we are able to deliver for our clients.

Have questions? Give us a call and chat with a creative team member to learn more about our process driven approach to design. Our Washington branding agency would love to hear from you! 866.735.3438

Why Your Daily Routine Kinda Stinks

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Coffee. E-mail. Return Calls. To-Do list. Morning meeting.

It’s your routine and you like it. It works. But could it be better? Imagine if you could be more productive. What if you took a moment, and stepped back from working in your routine to work on it instead. Disrupting your daily routine may be exactly what you need to spark innovation.

At Jacob Tyler, as a part of our process for any new project, we hold a Discovery session with our clients. The Discovery helps uncover unique attributes of the organization in order to guide us in our brand strategy. This time, however, we (yes, Jacob Tyler) were our own client. Over our thirteen years in business, Jacob Tyler has conducted over 1000 initial Discovery meetings. In other words, Les Kollegian and Charlie Van Vechten know what to expect when they step into one of these meetings…or so they thought.

Our marketing team paused before entering the ole’ Discovery preparation routine. Instead we asked: How could we disrupt the system in order to drive better results? At Discovery meetings, you expect a typical conference room setting and a question and answer session. You don’t expect music, post-it notes, and laughter.

The purpose of this Jacob Tyler Discovery was to dig deeper into our own brand and finally do for ourselves what we do so well for others. By disrupting our process, the owners and our marketing team discovered quite a bit about the new direction of our brand and the goals this project in just a short meeting. We broke our routine and it felt refreshing. Here’s a peek at how we did it…

The owners entered the conference room to the sound of music. We stood up and jumped right in.

Prior to the meeting we surveyed our agency on our strengths and threw the results on the white board. We then asked the owners to select their own strengths with five post-it note votes.


Then we brought out the markers and asked the owners to circle their vision for Jacob Tyler.

JT Discovery image

This doesn’t look like your typical Discovery meeting. In fact, it looks a little more chaotic, but surprisingly a lot more interesting. Next time you start your morning, or attend another meeting with a grumble, we hope you’ll take the time to get disruptive.

Branding Agency Washington

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Well, we finally opened an East coast location so we can officially say we are a Washington branding Agency. Well, we are actually a little more than that now but that is how the company started in 2000. We consider ourselves a brand communications agency now since we have had 3 acquisitions and drastically increased our capabilities.

Anyway, I would say it’s about time that we showed up in Washington, D.C. as most of my friends thought it would happen sooner (since I am from that area). Of course we did the typical press release announcing the occasion so we could create the appropriate buzz around the event but now… we have to find office space. Here’s the funny thing. The Examiner picked up our story and proceeded to include a photo from our first office (when we were a mere 5 employees). It was really fun to see but obviously it was NOT a photo from our current office so I wondered where they dug it up. It turns out it was posted on “Office Snapshots” approximately 5 years ago. I don’t remember doing this but it was great to be reminded of what we looked like at that time. Okay… getting a little teary eyed and nostalgic for the old days… I figured I would share. I am including the photos of our FIRST office here and will definitely keep you posted when we find an office that fits a “Washington web design” persona in DC.

Washington Web Design Agency Office

Washington Web Design Agency Office

Washington Web Design Agency Office

Washington Web Design Agency Office

Washington Web Design Agency Office

Washington Web Design Agency Office

Have questions regarding our new branding agency in Washington? Drop us a line or give us a call!