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Marketing in Ten Seconds or Less? …Oh Snap.

Friday, January 3rd, 2014


The millennial generation has become accustomed to a touch-screen-world at their fingertips and they needed something more. But what can you offer consumers that have everything? It’s simple. Give them what they want, but change the terms of how it’s given.

Enter Snapchat. Snapchat frames its peer-to-peer photo messaging with a sense of urgency- meaning photos users share and exchange won’t last forever. We can imagine that an app of this nature is not always used for the most innocent purposes.  For example, a photo message with a finite lifespan provides a level of excitement only comparable to a secret agent’s next mission plan; set to self-destruct within five seconds of being read.

The new messaging app enables users to “snap” pictures or videos, add captions and finger doodles, set a time limit for how long the message can be viewed, and then send it away. Once the recipient opens the message, the countdown begins, eventually vanishing, never to be viewed again.

We know what you’re asking, “Photo sharing without the consequences of image immortality?” Yes. The lack of consequences seems to be the main point of attraction for users so accustomed to having their content and privacy violated.

Although this app is ideal for sharing ridiculous selfies or other NSFW content, advertisers have been hard at work trying to leverage a marketing advantage. In terms of its potential, 8 million active users indicate a clear opportunity to reach a market segment otherwise moving too quickly to catch up with.

A recent Adweek article (Adweek) discusses interesting ideas for marketing campaigns using Snapchat, many of which embrace the humorous or adult nature of the app.

Possibilities included Victoria’s Secret; sending risqué snaps featuring images of their models with easy to remember coupon codes that disappear after a matter of seconds. These coupons would be sent to men in order to encourage gift purchases for their ladies during the holidays.

Another potential campaign idea was for the Las Vegas tourism board, embracing the slogan “What Happens in Vegas,” to offer prizes to the Snapchat user who sent the best video of their personal Vegas experience. Yowza.

There are many hypothetical Snapchat campaigns that have potential, but there are also several examples of companies that have already used the app with great success.

One such example is 16 Handles, a chain of frozen yogurt establishments in New York. The chain’s Snapchat campaign prompted existing Facebook fans to send pictures of their frozen yogurt in return for coupons giving them 16%, 50% or 100% off.

The campaign carried an element of surprise as the fleeting nature of the coupons ensured that participants weren’t able to see what they had received until they were at the cash register. This campaign made excellent use of all aspects of the platform and resulted in more than 1,400 customer interactions.

Millions use Snapchat around the world and if marketing agencies can create unique and engaging ways to utilize the channel’s exciting sense of urgency, leveraging a hard-to-reach millennial demographic may be worth it. We find it interesting to observe the evolution of user behavior across all social media marketing channels and how big competitors rise to the competition.

If ONLY business was this easy!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Well… I haven’t received any urgent messages lately from a Nigerian Prince that has asked me to help transfer 50 million dollars (with a hefty commission of 10 million USD of course) but it looks as if LinkedIn may finally be getting their fair share of spam emails to members. You know the drill…cast a wide net and SOME fool will give away everything to make a quick buck. I made the mistake of accepting a “friend” request of someone without a picture (which i RARELY if ever do) because I thought recognized the name. Oh well…live and learn. linkedin spam message

I would like to add however, if any of my TRUSTED LinkedIn acquaintances do in fact want to have our advertising agency quickly send over a contract for 38.8 million dollars, I will gladly get you that as well as the wire instructions within minutes of the request.

For Immediate Use: Apps You Should Be Using… Today

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013


As an agency that prides itself about staying informed on the forefront of innovative technology, interactive design and social media, we decided to poll the most valuable & knowledgeable resource to which we have access: our team.

The Task

List and describe the mobile applications you find most useful, clever, fun or beautiful.

The Results

In no particular order, find JT’s top 10 mobile apps and why we think they’re beautifully vital to your mobile-existence.

Suggested by Les
This ninja-calling app is great when you want to return a call, but not have to talk to anyone. It lets you sneakily “return a call” by sending your call straight to the recipient’s voicemail. Your secret’s out now, Les.

Suggested by Cole, Les
Mint allows you to manage, track and budget using your various financial accounts to keep your money categorized and organized. It can include all accounts, so you can look at income vs. debt. It also ties together bank accounts, credit cards, IRAs, loans and even the value of my house.

Suggested by Cole
This app is for making photobooks from your images on your smartphone. Really great for last-minute gifts for loved ones. Mosaic has really thought through every aspect of the user-experience: from easy book creation, simple check-out and even post-purhcase updates (little animations that let you know the book is printing, being shipped and delivered).

Suggested by Cole
Clear is designed to help organize lists and to-do’s. It’s very simple, modern in design and  very intuitive to use. Great for keeping on top of your day-to-day and fun to use.

Suggested by Sheryl
No need to carry my wallet and can I get my coffee fix. Pay for your coffee from your phone, track your Stars in the rewards program and even send an eGift to a friend.

Suggested by Sheryl
Stich photos together to create beautiful panoramas. Put them together in any arrangement- vertical, horizontal, or mixed. Create better images while maintaining the original image resolution.

Suggested by José
Live-streaming of over 20 million songs. Unlimited listening. 100% advertisement free. A quickly growing music community gives you several resources to tap-into new music genres and find playlists of tastemakers at your fingertips.

Suggested by José
A “personal magazine,” Flipboard brings all of your social feeds into one, clean and intuitive page-flipping design. Add RSS feeds, social feeds and even publications like the NYT or Vanity Fair.

Suggested by Will, Steve
Pulls all of your favorite podcasts into one location. Listen to your favorite news, sports and talk radio, when you want from your smartphone or mobile device.

Suggested by Will
“I just started using this, but it’s a super intuitive video editing tool for your phone.” Montaj makes video editing a breeze and with integrated social sharing you can instantly share each mini production with your networks.

(Free – at time of article publish)
Suggested by Will
A beautifully designed weather app. Simply beautiful.

12. TED
Suggested by Will
Just awesome content. Remarkable people speaking about remarkable topics. Enlightening content, 100% free to the world.

Suggested by Kristen
“I use this almost everyday with a group of girlfriends all spread out over California & Colorado. It keeps us in touch while being so far from each other. It’s like having an ongoing text chat with a small group of friends. I’m able to post photos, and add my location, regardless of my friends’ smartphone OS or service provider.”

Suggested by Amanda
Tango allows users to keep in contact regardless of phone-type. High-quality video and phone calls, texts, photo and video sharing and even games. A huge social-networking platform, all free with Tango.

Suggested by Steve
The easiest way to find live music in your area. Track your favorite artists and discover other touring musicians related to your musical preferences.

Suggested by Cheryl
“Songza is an app that has playlists for whatever mood you’re in or whatever activity you are up to – crazy beach party, walking the dog, sitting at a coffee shop…It’s pretty cool.”

Vine Enters the Android World – Making Statements in the Social Marketing World

Friday, April 26th, 2013

The relatively new, popular IOS app, Vine, is coming to Android “soon” for all you Android fanatics. The Vine app sort of duplicates Instagram in a sense that the user interface on both apps look similar – except that Vine allows 6 second motion videos. Cool, right? For those of you who are just getting the hang of the Vine app – start-ups, celebrity artists, and well established companies have gotten a head start to using Vine to their advantage. Shoot, even the White House has posted a Vine! Vine stated that they’ve also submitted an app update to the Apple App Store, that will start allowing users to tag friends in videos as well as the ability to embed videos on any website. As Vine is making moves in terms of enhancing the app, I’m sure there are other moves they can make to make this app even more engaging. It’d be pretty neat to have filters for the app to give these mini video clips a cooler look.

Aside from the app’s features, what could this mean for social campaigns and search engine optimization? As I mentioned earlier – start-ups, celebrities, companies, and brands have been using Vine to engage with their fans and consumers more intimately. With the increasing number of mobile users, this is a huge opportunity for many brands and businesses. C’mon, the White House posted a Vine. *moment of silence” Yep, shout out to the President. This new form of communication and marketing is definitely exciting. It only makes sense to invest and take advantage of this mobile application with all these mobile users on their phones these days. With Vine making it’s way into the Android phone, we can only imagine all the more creativity we’ll be seeing.

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